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Welcome to UNC Executive Development’s quarterly e-newsletter. This quarter, we focus on leadership development, and we hope that the included articles, blogs, white papers, programs and links contribute to your continued professional growth as a leader.  As always, we encourage you to
share with us any topics that you would like to see in future issues.

ARTICLE HIGHLIGHT: Listen, Align and Influence - How Leaders Sell Their Ideas Whether you are selling a product, service or idea, there are three important activities that should be incorporated into the process for the "sale" to be successful.  Read this article to learn how leaders seeking to sell their ideas can benefit from many of the techniques perfected by professional salespeople. 

WHITE PAPER HIGHLIGHT:  Closing the Gaps in Leadership Development
This white paper focuses on the importance of identifying and developing the right leadership skills and abilities within the organization.  The author, Brigitta Theleman, Director for OneMBA at UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School, discusses a framework for sustaining leadership development and outlines a continuous learning cycle for developing leaders.   Read

BLOG HIGHLIGHT: How to Make the Business Case for Learning and Development
Business leaders should calculate the ROI of learning and development activities during the planning stage and tie these activities to the organization's strategic plan.  Read this blog for an overview of 5 steps to facilitate this process successfully.

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT: The Perils of Extraverted Leadership
In contrast to popular theory, many of the traits that help individuals rise to leadership positions may actually limit their success as leaders.  A research study by Adam M. Grant, Francesca Gino and David Hofmann explains this theory and recommends matching extraverted leaders with more passive employees and introverted leaders with more proactive employees.  Read more.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT: Leadership Effectiveness Workshop
Over the course of three days, executives in this workshop will identify their personal leadership styles and identify ways to maximize their strengths as leaders.  This program will also help participants improve strategic problem-solving and decision-making abilities and teach them how to use negotiations, power and influence effectively with individuals and teams.  C
lick here for more information about the next Leadership Effectiveness Workshop held by UNC Executive Development that occurs November 30 - December 2, 2011.

Mabel Miguel has a global perspective (having lived, worked and/or taught in six continents) and a charismatic, facilitative teaching style that enables program participants to develop their own leadership style.  View this video of Mabel to hear how her background and personality make her a valued member of the UNC Kenan-Flagler faculty. Mabel is scheduled to kickoff the first day of our Leadership Effectivesness Workshop, focusing on effective leadership fundamentals and leading with one's strengths.

September, 2011 
19-20:  Negotiation Skills for Effective Managers 
21-23:  Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers 
26-30:  Business and Human Resources  

October, 2011 
9-21:  Executive Development Institute

November, 2011
30-Dec 2: Leadership Effectiveness Workshop

April, 2012
15-27: Executive Development Institute
23-25: Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers

May, 2012
21-23: Leadership Effectiveness Workshop

June, 2012
3 - 15:  Executive Development Institute
4  -  6:  Strategic Innovation for the New Business Environment
11-13: Change Management

September, 2012
17-18: Negotiations Skills for Effective Managers
19-21: Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers

October, 2012
1 - 3:  Leadership Effectiveness Workshop 
7-19:  Executive Development Institute

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